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Courier Journal- USA   May 11, 2018 12:59 pm                                                                                                                                                 Bevin's education chief changed the recommendation for a JCPS takeover


WAVE 3 News  USA • May 10 • 11:20 pm
Community forums across west Louisville focused on JCPS state takeover
 WDRB 41 Louisville  USA • May 10 • 11:01 pm
Opposition to state takeover at JCPS aired at community forum
Courier-Journal  USA • May 10 • 10:46 pm
At forum on JCPS takeover, parents demand their voices be heard

WHAS11.com  USA • May 10 • 10:39 pm
Community forum discusses possible state takeover of JCPS


Audit document signals possible JCPS recommendation switch




 WFPL Wants Your Questions About The JCPS Audit


Courier-Journal   •   USA    •    May 2   •   08:16 am
Come on, Gov. Bevin, is Derby really the right time for a hostile takeover of JCPS?
: Gov. Matt Bevin on recommendation for state takeover of JCPS: 'It isn't about politics' The takeover attempt is the kind of politics that

   Lexington Herald-Leader   •   USA    •    Apr 30   •   05:18 pm
New Interim Commissioner calls for state takeover of Jefferson schools. What does it mean for other Kentucky schools?
Brent McKim, president of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, said he was concerned that a state takeover would make it easier to

   WDRB 41 Louisville   •   USA    •    Apr 27   •   05:49 pm
JCPS school councils passing resolutions supporting district leadership, opposing state takeover
of.” “A state takeover seems excessive,” she said. “It seems extreme.” Lewis wrapped up a two-day visit of JCPS on Thursday, and Pollio
WDRB 41 Louisville   •   USA    •    May 1   •   03:56 pm
Jefferson County school board mulling whether to appeal state management as questions linger on impact of takeover
April 17. Pruitt was expected to recommend state assistance for JCPS, and McKim believes a takeover was the ultimate goal. “Everyone can
   WDRB 41 Louisville   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   10:27 pm
Many rally behind JCPS superintendent, school board with audit recommendation coming
be the ally and voice for my daughter and the 100,000 diverse students of JCPS after that state takeover?" Matteu said. "Who will listen and

   World Socialist Web Site   •   USA    •    Apr 26   •   12:37 am
State takeover looms for Kentucky’s largest school district
the occasion of a contentious meeting called by Kentucky’s Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) board of education. Hundreds of parents,


   WHAS11.com   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   12:15 pm
Groups raise voices against, for state take-over of JCPS
On the other side you have a large group of JCPS supporters who said a state takeover of JCPS simply continues Governor Matt Bevin’s war on

   WHAS11.com   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   11:50 am
15th District PTA stands with JCPS on state takeover
against a state takeover. See the association’s full statement below: 15th District PTA PR JCPS State Takeover on Scribd JCPS has been

   WHAS11.com   •   USA    •    Apr 25   •   07:35 pm
What does a state takeover of a school district mean?
and diversity of JCPS would make a takeover like this unprecedented in the Bluegrass State. According to Corbett, a takeover would have the
   WAVE 3 News   •   USA    •    Apr 30   •   08:12 pm
IN DEPTH: State recommends takeover of JCPS as it releases audit findings
opposition of state takeover + Amidst takeover talk, JCPS supporters rally behind school leaders + State takeover looms over JCPS + WAVE 3

WAVE 3 News   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   06:59 pm
State takeover looms over JCPS
a potential JCPS takeover continued on Tuesday. Kentucky Pastors in Action Coalition presented their case on why they think a JCPS takeover

   WPSD Local 6   •   USA    •    May 1   •   06:23 am
State seeks takeover of Kentucky’s largest school district
. Brent McKim, president of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, called it “essentially a hostile takeover” of the school district and

   WVXU   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   05:25 pm
Will Kentucky Take Over Management Of Jefferson County Public Schools?
out for what’s best for the children." Takeover Or Reforms? Jefferson County Public Schools has long struggled to keep up with state and

   Insider Louisville   •   USA    •    May 2   •   05:45 am
School board weighs fighting state takeover of JCPS
recommended a state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools after a comprehensive 14-month management audit. A takeover would strip the

   Insider Louisville   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   04:24 pm
Teachers union contract to expire as state takeover fears loom
labor agreement between JCTA and the (Jefferson County Board of Education) will remain in effect for JCTA members if the JCPS were to fall

   Insider Louisville   •   USA    •    Apr 26   •   05:45 am
JCPS teachers to request raises at challenging fiscal time
of 2 While the specter of a potential state takeover looms over upcoming negotiations between JCPS and its teachers’ union, the bargaining

   Insider Louisville   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   02:18 pm
With JCPS audit results looming, opposing sides battle over potential takeover
radically different. KPAC and Bluegrass Institute called for a state takeover of JCPS — one potential result of the nearly complete state

   Bowling Green Daily News   •   USA    •    Apr 23   •   09:00 am
Bevin throws gasoline on flames
that the Bevin team is aiming for a state takeover of the Jefferson County Public Schools with charter schools as the state’s prescription.

   89.3 WFPL   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   02:52 pm
Commentary: Bevin’s Assault On Public Education Is Shortsighted
organizations. In those days, the Kentucky Education Association and the Jefferson County Teachers Association weren’t widely branded as “

   89.3 WFPL   •   USA    •    Apr 25   •   03:41 pm
Would A State Takeover Of JCPS Clear The Path For Charter Schools?
upheaval at the Kentucky Board of Education and a possible state takeover of Louisville’s school system have widened the path for charter

   WKMS   •   USA    •    Apr 27   •   04:54 pm
Kentucky Politics Distilled: JCPS Takeover Talk; Beshear Pension Suit Advances
called on new education leaders to enact a state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools, which have been lagging behind state and

   WKU Public Radio   •   USA    •    Apr 30   •   06:09 pm
Interim Education Commissioner Calls For State Takeover Of Kentucky's Largest School District
and resources, not a takeover.” Kumar Rashad, a math resource teacher in JCPS, also voiced concern with the proposed takeover. “Education

   cn|2   •   USA    •    Apr 24   •   02:52 pm
K-PAC calls for state takeover of JCPS; Board Responds
, is calling on the JCPS board to take public input when negotiating a contract with the JCTA and to allow a state takeover of the district.
   WWLP.com   •   USA    •    Apr 30   •   08:30 pm
State seeks takeover of Kentucky's largest school district
. Brent McKim, president of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, called it "essentially a hostile takeover" of the school district and