Starting Your Journey:

This section of resources are for teachers just beginning to want to know more and do more. Maybe you have always considered yourself “not racist,” but have never truly considered the experiences of Black and other marginalized Americans living in unjust systems. You may also just be realizing how these unjust systems also hurt you, even if you are part of the White majority. And most importantly, you want to do better for yourstudents. Welcome!


JUST ADDED: Practical Advice on Addressing Racial Justice in K-12 Schools: A Q and A with Gloria Ladson-Billings

  • I Am An Educator created by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, it seeks to support teachers who “care about [their] students’ racial consciousness and want to develop their racial awareness.”
  • Justice in June created by two Twitter users, Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta, this Google Doc offers waysto be an active ally to the Black Lives Matter movement, no matter if you have 10, 25, or 45 minutes per day. Some of these pieces could easily be used with students.
  • Don't Say Nothing an important piece to read as you prepare to have conversations with students
  • Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources this chart will help you to identify where you are in your anti-racist journey. It is offered free of charge, but we encourage you to donate to the causes listed at the top of the document, as payment for this valuable labor.