Content-Specific Resources:

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Business & Marketing: How Brands Are Responding to the George Floyd Protests


English Language Arts: Crawling Out of the Classroom 5th grade literacy teacher Jessica Lifshitz designs

anti-bias, anti-racist lessons and shares them in her blog. These could be adjusted for younger AND older

students. Here are some examples of the work she does:

Confronting Bias with Fifth Graders: Using the Draw-A-Scientist Experiment and the Covers of Picture

Books To Help Students Recognize the Biases They Hold

Teaching Personal Narratives as a Way to Explore Identity and Our Lived Experiences


ELA: DisruptTexts “disrupting” the ways we approach and teach literature


ELA/Publications/Graphic Design: How Alexandra Bell Is Disrupting Racism in Journalism


Mathematics: Classroom Resources Main Page The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics upholds this

statement on access and equity in mathematics.

lesson plans for Algebra, Geometry, Probability & Statistics

The Role of Statistics in Human Rights Advocacy statistics & human rights

Peace-Work Studies | website statistics & data analysis


Music: “You Might Be Left with Silence When You're Done” takes a look at the racist history behind some of

the music children are asked to learn in school


Science: Build Your Portfolio With These Data for Good Project Ideas


Science/statistics/data: The American Nightmare introduces and explains how “race science” led to false

beliefs about race and genetics. Episodes 2 & 8 of the “Seeing White” series on the Scene on Radio podcast

explains much of this, as well.


Social Studies: Educator Resources on Facing History and Ourselves: a wealth of lessons on topics on all areas

of social studies

Echoes & Reflections teaching the Holocaust

The History of Racism in America | History from The Smithsonian