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FREE 6th-12th Grade After School Performing Arts Program


FREE 6th-12th Grade After School Performing Arts Program

Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, in collaboration with JCPS, Justice Now, Louisville Central Community Centers, AMPED, Roots 101, Kentucky Historical Society, and PNC Broadway, is offering a FREE after school performing arts program focusing on students who have had both limited and advanced experience with theatre.

Beginning October 19th to December 16th, students will be given an overview of both the performing and technical elements of theater. After the holiday break on January 5th-6th , auditions will be held for JCPS students who are in 6th - 12th grade for the play Threads of Our History: Where We Intertwine.
Threads of Our History: Where We Intertwine is a play that explores the social justice past and present of Louisville, KY by focusing on the lives of a family and those intertwined with it across multiple generations. The play is told in a series of vignettes each written by a different student or group of students focusing on an array of topics: from race-based oppression and protest, to ableism, to mental health, to the LGBTQ+ community and adoption, to generational trauma and healing. This play is a researched journey into Louisville’s past with scenes in Black Walnut Street and the KY Derby, but it is also a window into students’ lives as they strive for justice and compassion in their own journeys.

The play is aiming to debut in The Bingham Theatre @ Actors Theatre during the weekend of March 25th - 27th. Beginning January 10th, the after school program will switch from training to rehearsals that will occur Mondays, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s from 5p-7p. Times and days are subject to change based on rehearsal needs. Everyone in the cast may not be called to rehearse every day.

Moreover, we are partnering with multiple museums such as Roots 101 and the Kentucky Historical Society to create a lobby exhibit that helps audiences further interact with and understand the justice history of Louisville.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5p-7p @ Louisville Central Community Centers located at 1300 W. Muhammad Ali. Teaching artists from Actors Theatre of Louisville will facilitate the classes.

Classes will revolve around the creation of the full-scale production, Threads of Our History: Where We Intertwine.

If you haven’t already, please fill out the google form. The link is below. We will be using the contact information to keep you informed about the program.

316 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Contact: Erica Denise

Class Descriptions

VOCAL TECHNIQUE: Youth will learn healthy vocal technique, including proper breathing, breath support and voice placement as they explore ways to interpret a song or monologue and communicate it to the audience.

ACTNG: The fundamentals of dramatic interpretation, stage directions and theater skills are illustrated and practiced. Scene study and improvisational games utilize proven methods of character development, motivation and objective to bring each actor's role vividly to life.

MOVEMENT: Poise and presentation are developed through the language of movement. From arm-ups through fun exercises to polished performance, the choreography incorporates a variety of styles, steps and razzle-dazzle.

COSTUMES: Students will collaborate with our costume department. They will assist with designing all costumes; come up with color schemes, the design and construction of costumes and accessories, arrangement, and maintenance of the costume wardrobe.

STAGECRAFT: Traditional set construction principles are introduced as groups attend workshops about how to assemble and paint scenery used as part of the final set. Theatrical lighting and other aspects of technical staging are explained and demonstrated.

316 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Contact: Erica Denise

Daily Schedule:


  • Kids Café: 4p-5p

Youth ages 15-18

  • Class A: 5p-6p
  • Class B: 6p-7p

Youth Ages 12-14

  • Class B: 5p-6p
  • Class A: 6p-7p

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