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  This list will be updated as resources are shared. If you have a resource to share that falls in one of the subheadings, or if you have corrections, please send them to dawn.moretz@jcta.org

Social Justice & Anti-Racist Educator Resources


JCTA appreciates being able to share the following information, which has been initially compiled by members of the Rochester Education Association, June 2020.

The following is a compilation of shared expertise from our members, other educators, and ABAR (Anti-Bias Anti-Racist) experts and  online sources. You can use the links located on the right to move through the different kinds of resources. 


Our intent is to help our members begin, continue, and further their work to educate themselves FIRST, and then bring anti-racist teaching to all grade levels and subject areas. We believe every child--regardless of race,gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, or religion--has a right not only to a fair and just education, but also to to see themselves reflected in the work they are asked to do, and to have their voices heard. If anything on this list does not meet this intent, please let us know.


First--a list of many of us can help: 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice. We have linked some of the teacher-related advice in this document. Thank you to Corinne Shutack and all of the contributors at Medium.

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