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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my duty hours?
The contract does not stipulate specific start and end times but establishes a set number of hours for your workday, depending on the instructional level. See Article 11, Section B.

  • Certifed Pre-K: no more than seven and one half hours. See Article 30, Section B.
  • Elementary: No more than six hours, fifty minutes. Ten minutes of duty immediately before or after school, on a rotating basis.
  • Middle and High: no more than seven hours.
  • Social workers and resource teachers: no more than seven and one half hours.

How much planning time do I get?

  • For certified pre-k and elementary teachers, you should have 200 minutes of planning time per week. See Article 11, Section F and Article 30, Section B.
  • For middle and high school teachers, if you have a six period day, one period should be for planning. If your school has more or less than six periods, you should have a minimum of fifty minutes of planning per day. See Article 11, Section A.

Can my principal hold a faculty meeting every week after school?
Yes, as long as the meeting begins no later than fifteen minutes after student dismissal. Faculty meetings cannot be held the week of Open House. See Article 11, Sections C and D.

How much lunchtime am I entitled to?
Teachers must receive a duty-free lunch period of at least twenty minutes. See Article 11, Section G.

When can I use sick days?
Sick days can be used whenever you or a member of your immediate family is ill. See Article 26, Section A.

When can I use personal days?
Personal days may be used for any reason as long your request is submitted by noon of the day prior and no more than 10% of the building has already requested the same day. Personal days may not be taken the last five days of the school year. See Article 26, Section D.

How do I use the JCTA Sick Leave Bank?
To use the JCTA Sick Leave Bank, please contact Jennifer Lawson at the JCTA office (502) 454-3400. 

How long do I have to turn in grades?
You have four days from the end of the grading period to turn in grades. See Article 6, Section D.

How is seniority determined?
Seniority is your hire date with Jefferson County. It is not how long you have been teaching or how long you have been in a particular building. If you have left Jefferson County and then were rehired at a later time, your most recent hire date is used for seniority. See Article 1, Number 11.

What is the deadline for submitting a voluntary transfer request?
April 18. See Article 16, Section A.

When must I receive my evaluation?
All classroom observations must be completed by April 15. Teachers must receive their summative evaluations by May 1. See Article 8, Section A.

If I’m a tenured teacher, how often can I be evaluated?
Tenured teachers must be evaluated at least every three years, but it is not a violation of our contract to be evaluated more than that. See Article 8, Section A, Number 13.

When must my principal let me know what my assignment will be for the next year?
June 15. See Article 15, Section C.

What do I do if my class size has been exceeded?
After the 20th pupil day, you must notify your principal that you are over and whether you want compensation or an instructional assistant. See Article 12, Sections B, C and H.

What political activities can I legally engage in at my school?
You have the right to wear political buttons endorsing a candidate during school hours, and you can pass out political buttons/bumper stickers/leaflets/yard signs before or after your work day. A principal/PTA president/administrator cannot forbid you from wearing a political button or passing out political materials before or after school.

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