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Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for the JCTA Sick Leave Bank will occur on Monday, August 30, 2021 to Friday, September 24, 2021. Open enrollment is for all certified teachers MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS who have not already enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank. When you join you will only need to donate one of your sick days and become a SLB member until September 1, 2023

The enrollment form can be filled out and submitted online using the link below.  

Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form

 Content-Specific Resources:

**NOTE: we would like to add more content-area specific anti-racist teaching resources. Please email dawn.moretz@jcta.org if you have some to add to this section.**


Please scroll below or look to the right at the listings under "Content-Specific Resources" to go directly to the subject area of interest. 


Business & Marketing: How Brands Are Responding to the George Floyd Protests


English Language Arts: Crawling Out of the Classroom 5th grade literacy teacher Jessica Lifshitz designs

anti-bias, anti-racist lessons and shares them in her blog. These could be adjusted for younger AND older

students. Here are some examples of the work she does:

Confronting Bias with Fifth Graders: Using the Draw-A-Scientist Experiment and the Covers of Picture

Books To Help Students Recognize the Biases They Hold

Teaching Personal Narratives as a Way to Explore Identity and Our Lived Experiences


ELA: DisruptTexts “disrupting” the ways we approach and teach literature


ELA/Publications/Graphic Design: How Alexandra Bell Is Disrupting Racism in Journalism


Mathematics: Classroom Resources Main Page The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics upholds this

statement on access and equity in mathematics.

lesson plans for Algebra, Geometry, Probability & Statistics

The Role of Statistics in Human Rights Advocacy statistics & human rights

Peace-Work Studies | website statistics & data analysis


Music: “You Might Be Left with Silence When You're Done” takes a look at the racist history behind some of

the music children are asked to learn in school


Science: Build Your Portfolio With These Data for Good Project Ideas


Science/statistics/data: The American Nightmare introduces and explains how “race science” led to false

beliefs about race and genetics. Episodes 2 & 8 of the “Seeing White” series on the Scene on Radio podcast

explains much of this, as well.


Social Studies: Educator Resources on Facing History and Ourselves: a wealth of lessons on topics on all areas

of social studies

Echoes & Reflections teaching the Holocaust

The History of Racism in America | History from The Smithsonian

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