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Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment

Sick Leave Bank Enrollment for new teachers or teachers that missed the Open Enrollment last year (2018) begins August 19 and ends on September 20.

The Sick Leave Bank is for certified members and non-members of JCTA. If you wish to join the JCTA SLB fill out the form and there is no need to log-in.

The enrollment form can be filled out and submitted online using the link below.  

Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form

Enrollment of SLB will start immediately upon receipt of the forms, and enrollment ends on Friday, September 20 at 5:00pm. Any forms received after September 20 will not be accepted.

Your donation of one sick day makes you a SLB member from August 19, 2019 to September 1, 2020.

If you have any further questions about the Sick Leave Bank you can e-mail Jennifer Lawson (jennifer.lawson@jcta.org) at the JCTA office.

Notice of JCTA UniServ Director Vacancy

Jefferson County Teachers Association


UniServ Director Vacancy Notice


The Jefferson County Teachers Association (JCTA) is seeking applicants for a full-time UniServ Director serving the local association in Jefferson County and its members.  The office is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  JCTA is a certified unit only. Go to the Members-Only section of the JCTA website to see the application details.


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Brent McKim
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Brent was a classroom physics teacher for fifteen years at Manual High School. He has been president of JCTA since 2001. Brent chairs our Representative Council and Board of Directors meetings. He also lobbies the state legislature on behalf of members. Brent also serves on the NEA’s Committee on Legislation. Brent believes that “JCTA gives voice to those who are closest to the learners in the classrooms, the teachers. Only through them can we realize the potential of every child.”

Tammy Berlin
Vice President
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Teacher at Atherton High School

Tyra Walker
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 Teacher at Roosevelt-Perry Elementary School.

Andrew Bailey
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 Teacher at Fairdale High School. 

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