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JCTA was first established in 1968. Over thirty-five years later we are the recognized bargaining agent for over 6,000 certified personnel employed by Jefferson County Public Schools. We represent teachers, librarians, speech clinicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists in every one of the public schools in Jefferson County. 

Our mission is to serve as the active voice of our members; promote quality and equity in public schools; expand and protect the rights and interests of our members; and advocate human, civil and economic rights for all.

» Statement of President Stephanie J. Winkler, Kentucky Education Association Regarding Governor Matt Bevin's Budget Address

Statement of President Stephanie J. Winkler, Kentucky Education Association
Regarding Governor Matt Bevin’s Budget Address

January 27, 2016

KEA appreciates Governor Matt Bevin’s making funding for the state’s troubled pension systems his highest budget priority. An additional $300 million investment in KTRS each year of the biennium is good news for Kentucky’s retired and active teachers and their students. While the Governor’s proposed additional general fund dollars are not enough to solve KTRS’ financial problems, it constitutes a significant step in the right direction. KEA supports any reasonable approach to funding KTRS, knowing that additional funds will be required in the future to reach a sustained, acceptable level of funding.

KEA includes among its members participants in both the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS) and the County Employees Retirement System (CERS). CERS is in much better financial shape than other state pension systems. It is part of the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS). KRS’ funding problems could eventually jeopardize all of its subsidiaries, including CERS, if they are not addressed.

KEA encourages members of the House and Senate to join the Governor in making pension funding a high priority as they begin examining this budget proposal.
KEA also applauds Governor Bevin for maintaining base funding for schools through the Support Educational Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) program as well as putting additional money into SEEK to accommodate increased student enrollment in our schools this coming school year.

Over the next few days and weeks, KEA will review the details of the budget and attend budget hearings of the House and Senate, watching especially for areas of education spending that may be cut.

As noted by Commissioner Pruitt in his recent “State of Education in the Commonwealth” address, Kentucky students’ have made remarkable progress and their achievement ranks above the national average in many areas, despite the fact that the state’s per pupil expenditure for public schools is $1260 below the national average. We are justifiably proud of the many ways in which Kentucky schools succeed. Cuts in any aspect of state funding for education will hurt our chances of continuing Kentucky’s remarkable journey to top levels of student success since the passage of KERA in 1990.

KEA appreciates Governor Bevin and his staff meeting with us to inform us about the budget. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with him and members of the Kentucky General Assembly for the best interests of our students.


Stephanie Winkler is a fourth grade teacher in Madison County, currently on leave to serve a president of the Kentucky Education Association. KEA represents more than 43,000 members across the Commonwealth, including teachers, education support professionals, pre-service teachers, and retired teachers.

» APPLY NOW for Rank I, Rank II, and Nat. Bd Scholarships!!!

JCTA Members are invited to apply for up to $1000 in scholarship money to complete certification in one of the following areas:

• Rank II (Masters) - $1000
• Rank I (Beyond Master's) - $1000
• National Board Certification - up to $1000

All applicants must be a member of JCTA. Electronic Applications are due by February 15. Click
here to apply.

Completed applications will be given to JCTA’s Spotlight Committee for consideration. Winners will be notified by JCTA and will be recognized at the March 21, 2016 Professional Representative meeting the annual KEA Delegate Assembly in April.

» Help KEA Promote KY Public Ed with Media Spots

NOW is the time for promoting quality public educators in Kentucky and the education they provide Kentucky students regardless of zip code! With that in mind, our state affiliate, KEA, has begun runninng two different 30 second TV spots, entitled "Come See Our Success" and " What Learning Looks Like". The two spots will run in heavy rotation in the Bowling Green, Louisville, Lexington, Henderson, Northern Kentucky and Paducah/Cape Girardeau TV markets for four weeks, along with a heavy support schedule of internet digital display ads.

JCTA hopes that all of you will help us extend the life and impact of the spots—as well as the three-minute companion video called “What Learning Looks Like”—by sharing them with your colleagues, family members, and friends by ensuring that they are posted on as many Facebook pages as possible.

Here they are:

What Learning Looks Like (long form) FINAL

What Learning Looks Like TV 30

Come See Our Success TV 30

The push by Governor Bevin and the Republican leaders of the General Assembly for vouchers and charter schools is based on a LIE: A lie that Kentucky’s public schools are failing and need to be replaced. This campaign is our answer to that lie!

» Murray State University offers Doctor of Arts in English Pedagogy & Technology Degree

Two years ago, Murray State University asked for our help in surveying JCTA members on useful elements to consider as they designed the English Pedagogy & Technology degree program. The information that our members provided through the survey was valuable. Now that the program has been created, Murray State University wants to share that the program is available and is designed for public school teachers in English, Reading, Literacy, and other English-related fields. The 48-credit-hour program can be completed online and is heavily orientated toward practice.


» JCPS Statement Regarding Budgeting Allocation

"On behalf of the JCPS leadership team, I want to assure parents and the community that the new JCPS budgeting process is about ensuring that every school has the resources and support it needs to help every student succeed. Our commitment to the community is to do this in a way that WILL NOT reduce the number of classroom teaching positions."

Bonnie J. Hackbarth
JCPS Communications and Community Relations
502-485-3551 (office)
502-322-4565 (office mobile)

» JCPS Zero-Based Budgeting Plan Update


JCTA has received a very preliminary briefing regarding the new JCPS school funding plan. Currently JCPS site-based school funding allocations are based on lower class sizes than required by the JCTA contract and/or state law. (However, the district correctly points out that once schools are funded for these lower class sizes, many, if not most, raise their own class sizes by converting instructional positions to non-instructional positions.)

Based on the information JCTA has received, our understanding is that the plan would allocate essentially only enough site-based funding to schools to allow schools to comply with state law and our contract in terms of class size and would not fund most "add-on” positions. Schools will then have to provided rationale for additional funding requests so district resources can be allocated where they are most needed.

The district indicates that these changes will shift resources within the district but will not reduce the total number of classroom teachers, and if the plan is successful in reducing the number of teachers converted from instructional positions to non-instructional positions, it may even increase the number of actual classroom teachers, which would actually lower average class sizes across the district. The district also sees this as a way to provide greater resources and more teaching positions to schools that need the most support.

JCTA has long advocated against increasing class size by converting instructional positions to new non-instructional positions, and the Association has called for providing additional resources at our struggling schools to help them succeed; however, the Association has advised the district leadership that because the plan is being described by the media as a plan to increase class size for teachers, rather than as a procedural funding and resource allocation issue, the plan is not be received well by our members. JCTA also pointed out to the district that the reason schools are converting instructional positions to non-instructional positions is to handle all the extra bureaucracy and paperwork associated with the out-of-control data demands from central office and if JCPS tries to eliminate these non-instructional positions without addressing the root cause of central office data demands, the plan will be fatally flawed. Following these discussions, the JCPS Chief Business Officer Tom Hudson issued the following public statement to the community, clarifying the impact of the new budget allocation process:

"On behalf of the JCPS leadership team, I want to assure parents and the community that the new JCPS budgeting process is about ensuring that every school has the resources and support it needs to help every student succeed. Our commitment to the community is to do this in a way that WILL NOT reduce the number of classroom teaching positions."

JCTA expressed its appreciation for this clarification and invited the new JCPS Chief Business Officer, Tom Hudson, to present the plan to the JCTA Board at its January 14 all-day meeting and address questions and concerns. We are pleased to report Mr. Hudson immediately accepted our invitation and is planning to discuss the plan with us in January. The Association should be able to provide more detailed information following this meeting.

» Louisville Metro Parks offer activities and meals to youth

Ben Johnson, Assistant Recreation Director for the Louisville Metro Parks wants to be sure that our embers are aware of the many locations and amenities provided by the local park system.  In addition, The Dare to Care information shows the locations where the Louisville Mero Parks serve meals to any and all youth 18 and under – no questions asked, no registration, application, etc. Their ultimate hope is that some of those youth will become more engaged in the park programs.  But at  a minimum, youth will receive a high quality, nutritious hot meal.

Click here for the Metro Louisville Parks offerings.

» JCTA Human and Civil Rights Commission MLK Jr Diversity Contest

2015-2016 JCTA Martin Luther King, Jr Diversity Contest:

JCTA’s Human & Civil Rights Committee invites our members' students to participate in the 2015-2016 JCTA Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Visual Arts, Writing and Drama Contests. First Place Winners will be awarded $75, be invited to attend the MLK Jr Dinner with two guests. All entries must be received in the JCTA office by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. Click HERE to download the contest information. Contact UniServ Director Dawn Moretz at 454-3400 or dawn.moretz@jcta.org if you have any questions.

» 2015-2016 MLK Scholarship Application

JCTA is offering Exemplary Student Scholarships to two Jefferson County Public School seniors. The Jefferson County Teachers Association will honor these two JCPS seniors during its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dinner with a $1,000 scholarship for each recipient. The dinner will take place during January 2016. (Details regarding the location and time will be provided to the winners in December.) The scholarship winners are requested to attend the memorial dinner and will be provided two complimentary tickets for guests.

Click here to get the scholarship requirements and scholarship application.

Students should send their completed scholarship application package to the JCTA office (located at 1941 Bishop Lane, Suite 300) by Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  If you have any questions, contact UniServ Dawn Moretz at dawn.moretz@jcta.org or 454-3400.

» KTRS Clarification from JCTA President Brent McKim

One VERY BIG aspect of the Governer's race is where each candidate stands on KTRS funding.  Click here to watch a brief, but important video from JCTA President Brent McKim regarding why it matters who is elected governer in part due to each candidate's plan for funding KTRS.

» It's Time to Ramp up the Pressure to get ESEA Right!

It is time to ramp up the pressure!

It would seem, of all things, that Speaker John Boehner’s resignation has resulted in some activity on the ESEA front. The chairs and ranking members of the education committees (Sens. Alexander and Murray, and Reps. Kline and Scott) have been in actual negotiations and staff have begun to go quiet – typically a sign an agreement is nearing and could be released in the next few weeks. (It’s either that or they are planning an epic Halloween party.) Let’s play it safe and assume that we are going hear a formal announcement soon followed by the appointment of conferees.

What does this mean? It means the finish line is in sight! NEA is partnering with ten other national education groups (the same ones we have been pressing Congress with for months now) for an online media campaign that will run next week pushing for a completed bill that can reach the president. It also means that your continued advocacy is more important than ever to ensuring the conference committee produces a completed bill that can reach the president’s desk.

As you may have heard, the Obama administration made an announcement over the weekend about working to limit over testing (NEA’s statement on the announcement). Momentum continues to build around the priorities NEA has outlined for ESEA Reauthorization. We must keep our foot on the gas pedal to drive this thing home.

How can you help? It’s simple!

Go to GetESEARight.com to send an email, or call 1-866-331-7233 to urge Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul to finish the job. Also, schedule back home meetings with your Representatives – they are on (another) recess the week of November 9th, the Senate will still be in DC. Stay tuned for more information on activities we are planning to drive home this bill.


Our students should not live under the broken system of No Child Left Behind or a patchwork of waivers any longer. Push your legislators hard and remind them that we will not stand idly by while students aren’t receiving the opportunities and resources they need and deserve simply because of the zip code they live in. For rank and file members, urge them to push Committee leaders and Congressional leaders to finish their work swiftly and bring a final bill forward. Finish the job - get ESEA done and get it right.

We want a bill that more closely resembles the Senate bill (S. 1177) and:
• Includes student and/or school supports in state accountability plans to create an opportunity “dashboard”
• Reduces the amount of standardized testing in schools and decouples high-stakes decision making and statewide standardized tests.
• Ensures that educators’ voices are part of decision making at the federal, state and local levels

It truly is make or break time right now. Congress has a lot of self-imposed distractions that are currently weighing on the minds of many on Capitol Hill but if you keep up the amazing work you have done this year I know we will be successful. Thank you for all you do! Have a safe and spooky weekend!

» KY Health Insurance Information

There have been many with questions regarding changes in the KY Health Insurance Plan.  To assist members, we are reposting a "Letter from the President" written by Brent McKim for the October 2, 2013 edition of the ACTION newsletter.CLICK HERE to read President McKim's letter.

» The Devaluing of Head Start

Know WHO you are voting FOR and WHAT you are voting AGAINST:

At a recent event in Jessamine County, Republican Lt. Governor candidate Jenean Hampton continued her campaign's pattern of disparaging early learning programs, stating that Head Start is being used for "indoctrination."

HAMPTON: "See I remember when Head Start began and it was just for low income, very low income kids because they were not getting at home the training they should have gotten. That's what that was for. But I suspect, I truly suspect that now it's just being used to get the kids at an even earlier age and just start the indoctrination sooner. That's my feelings."

Click here to view Jenean Hampton's remarks.

» JCTA Holds Press Conference to Address JCPS Student Misconduct

On Thursday, September 24th, JCTA President Brent McKim held a press conference during which he addressed the lack of district level support in regards to JCPS student behavior problems.  McKim cited results from the most recent TELL Survey which had been completed during the spring of 2015 by JCPS teachers across the district. JCTA is strongly encouraging the JCPS Board of Education and Superintendent Donna Hargens to work with the Teamsters and community members to both acknowledge the overwhelming problem of student misconduct and then commit to finding solutions for the betterment of learning and teaching conditions within the schools of Jefferson County. 

Read President McKim's full remarks below:


"The number of teachers contacting JCTA with significant concerns regarding student behavior problems in their schools has increased in recent years and the reported severity of the problems has also increased. To better understand the current reality for the teachers in Jefferson County, JCTA recently conducted a teacher survey regarding student behavior issues. Almost 1,100 teachers took part in the survey. The results are so alarming and so consistent with the problems being experienced by our bus drivers and other educational employees that we felt the best course of action would be to share the results with the superintendent, the school board, and the community, so that we can all work together to take action that will lead to real improvement.

To illustrate the point, I would like to highlight a number of the teacher survey findings:

• 95% of teachers say they usually or always build relationships with students who are having problems with misbehavior as a strategy for improving the situation (Q30)
• Shockingly, only 3% of teachers believe that JCPS usually or always supports schools that are having problems with student behavior; 75% of teachers believe that JCPS rarely or never supports schools that are having problems with student behavior (Q25)
• 79% of teachers say that being required to “teach to the test” causes increased misbehavior in students (Q17)
• Only 15% of teachers say their school collaboratively involved teachers in the development or selection of their school’s discipline plan (Q5)
• Consequently, more than half of the teachers surveyed say their school’s discipline plan rarely or never works in areas outside the classroom (hallways, cafeteria, etc.) (Q7)
• 72% of teachers say their administrators do not implement the Code of Conduct effectively and consistently (Q27)
• And maybe the most shocking response of all is that the majority of teachers surveyed say they believe their administrators are actively discouraged by their superiors from implementing the Code of Conduct effectively (Q28)

In June of this year, the Association urged the school board to work with the superintendent to develop clear, specific, realistic, and constructive goals for improving the alarming and unacceptable state of student behavior in JCPS. To our knowledge, this has not been done.

To be clear, the Association is not suggesting that these problems are all due to the superintendent. Certainly, student behavior has been a longstanding challenge in JCPS, long before our current superintendent arrived. However, both JCTA’s information and statewide TELL Survey clearly indicate that student behavior is getting worse, rather than better.

These are serious issues that deserve to be a focal area for the board and the superintendent and clear goals should be set for improvement. Our students deserve to learn in a safe and orderly school environment conducive to learning and our teachers, bus drivers, and other school employees deserve to feel supported. JCTA and the Teamsters look forward to working collaboratively with the school board, the superintendent, and community partners to positively impact student behavior and school safety. We ask that all these stakeholders acknowledge this problem and commit themselves to work together to make a difference for the benefit of our students and our staff."

» NBCT Reimbursement Opportunity Through NT3 Grant

To help achieve the goal outlined in KRS 161.131of having one National Board Certified Teacher in every Kentucky school by 2020 and to overcome the barrier that teachers in schools without colleagues who are board-certified are half as likely to pursue National Board certification, the Kentucky Network to Transform Teaching will reimburse candidates from schools without National Board Certified Teachers $275 after the submission of one component for out of pocket expenses, as long as funding allows and in the order applications are received.

If you have any questions about this reimbursement, please e-mail Suzanne.Farmer@ky.gov.


» 55,000 Degrees Presents Movie: Ivory Towers

» Reimagining College: Higher Education for the 21st Century


The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is seeking educators and non-educators interested in serving on teacher tribunals. Individuals who are currently in the pool for assignment to a teacher tribunal or who have already served on a tribunal will need to reapply and undergo the training to continue to serve. For more information, click: KDE SEEKING INDIVIDUALS TO SERVE ON TEACHER TRIBUNALS

» JCPS Seeking LGBTQ+ Subcommittee Members

Jefferson County Public School district is continuing to promote equal opportunities. As a result, a LGBTQ Advisory Committee was formed to provide perspective to JCPS related to LGBTQ matters impacting students, parents, faculty, staff, and other constituents. Advisory Committee chairs invite interested individuals to join the following sub-committees: Policy, Student Supports, Stakeholder Supports, Training, and Outreach.

A brief description of each sub-committee is provided below. Members are sought who are passionate, purposeful, and can work well on a team to move forward in positive direction. If interested in joining one of the sub-committees or for further information, please contact either Dr. Monica Lakhwani at monica.lakhwani@jefferson.kyschools.us or Ms. Brittany Andrews at brittany.andrews@jefferson.kyschools.us.

Policy Sub-Committee - this group is about understanding policy and procedure in JCPS as it relates to LGBTQ issues, from Board policy to school procedures. We will be locating resources, suggesting policy language, and identifying where support may still be needed. This may include suggestions on policies to put in place locally based on others already in place elsewhere in schools and districts that work to support LGBTQ students, staff, and families. It may involve understanding how policy applies to real world situations, and what might need to be adjusted to better fit current needs. Finally, we can also look at finding questions that may need answers, such as how adoption rules affect parental status or benefits or gender identification on documents we use daily.

Outreach Sub-Committee – this group will focus on broadening and processing communications among LGBTQ Advisory Committee work and JCPS staff members, students, families, and the community. This group will assist to increase communicative access to various internal and external members in educating or informing staff, students, families, and the community on LGBTQ issues. This may involve establishing beneficial connections between people and/or organizations or envisioning ways to disseminate information and raise awareness on LGBTQ related issues within the district.

Stakeholder Sub-Committee – this group of the JCPS LBGTQ Advisory Committee exists to develop proposals for ways in which JCPS can more effectively: 1) Foster support and acceptance of LGBTQ administrators, faculty members, and support staff throughout the JCPS community; and 2) Meet the needs of families of LGBTQ students and families headed by LGBTQ parents/guardians.

Training and Curriculum Development Sub-Committee - this group's focus will be on identifying training and professional development needs within the district regarding LGBTQ issues. We will collaborate with others to develop and provide appropriate training opportunities to help support our LGBTQ students, staff, and families. These may include topics such as positive school culture, building resilience, and embracing diversity of all kinds. Additionally, this group would investigate ways to make curricula (literature, science, social studies, history, psychology, health/sex education, etc.) more inclusive of LGBTQ individuals.

Student Supports Sub-Committee – The focus of the Student Support Subcommittee centers on supporting the needs of JCPS students who identify as LGBTQ as well as those students who support LGBTQ students, friends, and family members. This subcommittee will work with schools and other agencies to collect data on issues faced by students who identify as LGBTQ, so as to drive the decision making and actions of this subcommittee. Foreseeable actions of this subcommittee may include, but are not limited to, supporting JCPS GSAs/Alliances, developing student leadership and voice within JCPS, developing partnerships with community members that support JCPS students, etc. Students will actively participate in this subcommittee, from providing perspectives and ideas to planning and implementation.






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