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Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment

Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment for new teachers or current teachers that missed last year's enrollment will be available from August 15th to September 9th.

The enrollment form can be filled out and submited online using the link below.

Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form

JCTA was first established in 1968. Over thirty-five years later we are the recognized bargaining agent for over 6,000 certified personnel employed by Jefferson County Public Schools. We represent teachers, librarians, speech clinicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists in every one of the public schools in Jefferson County. 

Our mission is to serve as the active voice of our members; promote quality and equity in public schools; expand and protect the rights and interests of our members; and advocate human, civil and economic rights for all.

» More Details About KTRS Returns




We have received many questions from our membership regarding a newspaper article featuring TRS investment returns. The article, unfortunately, focused narrowly on the most recent fiscal year only, which caused concern among TRS members since it was not accompanied with the broader context that puts a one-year return in perspective. Below is a bullet-point summary that provides the broader context:


• The markets always have good and bad years, and 2016 was a tough year in the market for both institutional investors and individuals.
• Negative cash flow resulted in TRS selling assets it otherwise would not have sold, which significantly hindered TRS's ability to buy in favorable markets. The new, additional funding provided to TRS in the current budget that began July 1 only became available after the close of this fiscal year on June 30. But the funding will help going forward.
• TRS consistently delivers long-term results.
• The TRS 30-year return on investments is 8.0%.
• TRS ranked in the top 25% over the 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods compared to other pensions plans across the nation despite one year of underperformance.
• TRS’s conservative, methodical, transparent investment process resulted in TRS avoiding the subprime mortgage and derivative investments that were the focal point of the 2008 Great Recession. Instead, TRS performed in the top 10% in the nation.
• TRS has never invested in hedge funds.
• TRS investment fees are among the lowest in the nation at 1/25 of one percent of assets.
• TRS has a wealth of investment expertise: Aon Hewitt, one of the world’s largest investment consultants; Two nationally recognized investment experts who advised stock exchanges and one of whom advised the Rockefellers, serve on TRS Investment Committee; TRS Investment Department staff include investment professionals with decades of investment experience.




» 2016-2017 JCTA Student Scholarship Info Now Available

 2016-2017 JCTA Student Scholarship Info Now Available

JCTA is offering Exemplary Student Scholarships to two Jefferson County Public School seniors. The Jefferson County Teachers Association will honor these two JCPS seniors during its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dinner with a $1,000 scholarship for each recipient. The dinner will take place during January 2016. (Details regarding the location and time will be provided to the winners in November.) The scholarship winners are requested to attend the memorial dinner and will be provided two complimentary tickets for guests.

Students should send their completed scholarship application package to the JCTA office (located at 1941 Bishop Lane, Suite 300) by Friday, November 11th.  If you have any questions contact UniServ Dawn Moretz at dawn.moretz@jcta.org or 454-3400.

The following checklist will assist in completing the application. If any components are incomplete or missing, the application will be void.

  • Completed scholarship application cover sheet
  • Copy of high school transcript
  • Copy of ACT or SAT scores
  • 3 letters of recommendation-each in a sealed envelope with signature of recommending person across the seal
  • Responses to all four essay questions, following these guidelines:

        *Typed, Double-spaced, using size 12 Arial font
        *Not to exceed 75 words per question
        *Each question answered on a separate sheet

1. Why do you want to be a teacher?
2. Describe experiences which have helped to prepare you for your career goal(s).
3. How did you arrive at your decision (referenced in Part I of this application) relative to college choice and major?
4. What other information about yourself would you like the committee to know?

All of the above information needs to be submitted by: November 11, 2016.

Class schedule with the official seal submitted by August 30, 2017 in order for funds to be released.

For an electronic copy of this 2016-2017 Exemplary Student Scholarship Announcement listed above, click here.



» Now Accepting LEAP Nominations

Now accepting Local Evaluation Appeals Panel nominations 

As part of the TPGES system, all districts are required to establish a Local Evaluation Appeal Panel (LEAP) to hear summative evaluation appeals. JCTA/JCPS’s panel will include 12 certified personnel (non-administrative), who must be elected to serve on the panel. This year, four teachers will be elected to serve three-year terms. Elected LEAP members will receive training. The appeals hearings will be held in the late spring and early summer.

If you are interested in serving on the LEAP panel, click here for a nomination form. The deadline to submit your nomination form is Wednesday, September 7 at 5:00 p.m. The election will be open to all certified employees in our bargaining unit, regardless of JCTA membership, and will be conducted electronically through the JCTA website September 21-28. For more information, contact UniServ Director Elana Crane (elana.crane@jcta.org).


» NEA Urgent Request RE: Louisiana Flood Relief


Being part of the NEA family means coming together in good times and in bad. Right now, it is the worst of times for students, families and our members in Louisiana.

The southern part of the state is undergoing historic flooding. At least six people have died and thousands have been forced from their homes. More than 20,000 residents have been rescued over the past few days and more than 10,000 are in shelters, mostly in the Baton Rouge area.

Unfortunately, most of the affected families did not have flood insurance because their homes were not considered to be in high-risk areas that would have required the insurance.
Several of the state’s parishes have been declared disaster areas, and more are likely to be soon.

Debbie Meaux, president of the Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE), has been communicating regularly with members and is asking them to let the association know of their communities’ needs so they can offer as much support as possible.
We are encouraging state affiliates, members and others to use this secure web site to make donations to LAE members and schools who are in need. All donations will be directed through LAE and routed to those most in need.

We appreciate anything you can do and please consider sharing the link to the donation page on your social media platforms. Every bit helps as we support those communities in need.

» JCTA Young Leaders


As a young educator, you are an integral part of the Jefferson County Teachers’ Association (JCTA).
We believe that young educators become young leaders and you are the future of our organization.
We are looking for members interested in improving the field of education and the lives of your students.                                  Join us to take an active and vital leadership role within JCTA.

We are accepting applications to serve on the YOUNG LEADERS Committee during the 2016-17 school year:

• Take a lead role in organizing other young educators around your interests.
• Develop Professional Developments to support teachers within JCPS.
• Work together to build community within JCPS.
• Recruit and engage members and potential members.
• Promote fun social events for teachers to network every month.
• Work collaboratively with current leadership to support the association.
• Receive support from JCTA that allows you and your students to soar in and out of the classroom.


This is your opportunity to take charge!
Please submit your application by contacting:
elana.crane@jcta.org or 502-454-3400
Or fill it out online at:



» Time to Address JCPS'Administrative Inequities




» From the KCEP

Why the House Budget Approach Is Better than a Big Set Aside of Idle Funds
The major point of difference between the governor’s budget and the House budget concerns the use of idle funds. The governor’s plan sets aside $500 million in a new so-called permanent fund and $241 million more than the House in the state’s rainy day fund, while the House plan uses those funds to reduce budget cuts and increase direct payments to the underfunded pension systems.

» The JCPS FRYSC Director is seeking JCTA members to join the following two committees:

The JCPS FRYSC Director is seeking JCTA members to join the following two committees:

Coordinated School Health Committee
The Coordinated School Health Committee focuses on best practices, programs, and initiatives related to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new Coordinated School Health model. The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model is a whole child approach to education and provides a framework for greater alignment, integration, and collaboration between health and education to improve each child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

Louisville Linked Core Planning Team Coordinated School

Louisville Linked is an initiative building upon existing partnerships between JCPS and community based service providers to link each child and family with structures and services to support their well-being and to nurture the development of personal resiliency.

Please email JCPS President Brent McKim at brent.mckim@jcta.org if you are interested in being considered for an appointment to either committee.

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