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JCTA was first established in 1968. Over thirty-five years later we are the recognized bargaining agent for over 6,000 certified personnel employed by Jefferson County Public Schools. We represent teachers, librarians, speech clinicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists in every one of the public schools in Jefferson County. 

Our mission is to serve as the active voice of our members; promote quality and equity in public schools; expand and protect the rights and interests of our members; and advocate human, civil and economic rights for all.

» Comparing "Keeping the Promise" vs. "Shared Responsibility" Pension Plans

» Shared Responsibility (Pension) Plan to be Presented

              Shared Responsibility Plan to be presented: Plan proposes viable alternatives to Governor’s pension reform proposal
Kentucky education leaders will host a joint press release at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, November 6, 2017 at Woodford County High School, 180 Frankfort St, Versailles, KY 40383 to present alternatives to a public pension reform plan that has been presented by the office of Gov. Matt Bevin.
The Shared Responsibility Plan is designed to address challenges and financial shortcomings of the current state employee pension fund while also ensuring the long-term stability of the many areas of public service that provide the foundation for life in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Those include the areas of public education, law enforcement and emergency response, and all aspects of city and county government, such as roads and infrastructure, municipal utilities and judicial processes.
Dr. Tom Shelton, executive director of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents, said the Shared Responsibility Plan demonstrates the willingness of the state’s education organizations and members to implement changes that will strengthen the pension program and maintain its sustainability.
“We must protect the ability of public education to recruit and retain quality educators,” Shelton said. “Teachers and education professionals build the foundation upon which every other area of public life in Kentucky stands. We often hear that children are the future, and that is true, but it is also true that as leaders, we stand at a pivotal moment in time as the decisions we make today will directly impact the future of our children.”
Representatives from the Boone County Education Association, the Council for Better Education, the Jefferson County Teachers Association, the Kentucky Association of School Administrators, the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents, the Kentucky Education Association, the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association, the Kentucky School Boards Association, and others will share highlights of a Shared Responsibility Plan, which has been presented to state legislative leadership in draft format for their consideration as an alternative to a plan previously released by Gov. Bevin. The Governor is expected to call a special session that will consider changes to the existing state employee pension program.
To read the public draft of the Shared Responsibility Pension Plan from today's press conference, click here.

» What We Know About Gov. Bevin's Proposed Pension Changes

What We Know About Governor Bevin’s Proposed Pension Changes (updated 10-26-2017)

The only information regarding the proposed changes to Kentucky’s public employee pension plans released by the Governor were a number of very general talking points.  Until we have the language of an actual bill, we cannot answer many specific questions.
What we do know or can conclude from the released talking points and conversations with policymakers is the Governor’s plan would...
1. Not encourage current teachers to retire due to plan changes for at least the next three years.
2. Increase the state’s payments to TRS to address the unfunded liability.
3. Continue current retiree Medicare supplemental insurance benefits.
1. Close the current TRS Defined Benefit (DB) plan to new hires, which would force the TRS DB plan into more and more conservative investments over time, lowering its rate of return, and increasing the state’s required payment by $170 million every year, compared to keeping the DB plan open to new hires.  This further destabilizes the DB plan for current teachers and makes it $170 million per year harder for the state to dig out of the Unfunded Liability hole it is in.
2. Force all new hires into a Defined Contribution (DC) plan with higher required employee payments, much lower total employer payments, and no guaranteed retirement benefits - making it much harder to attract and keep quality teachers in Kentucky schools.  (It is not clear whether this new plan would be administered by TRS or would be separated from TRS and administered by some other entity. It is also not clear whether educators in the new DC plan would have any disability coverage or post-retirement medical coverage.)
3. Violate the “Inviolable Contract” by cutting retirement benefits for all current and retired teachers by more than 7.5% by freezing for five years the cost of living adjustments (COLAs) that teachers themselves have pre-funded with their own money and are entitled to immediately upon retirement.
4. Reduce the state’s annual statutory contribution toward teacher retirement benefits from its current minimum of about 16% of a teacher’s salary to a flat 4% of a teacher’s salary.
5. Further tax the cash-strapped budgets of local school districts by forcing them to pay an additional 2% of every new teacher’s salary into the new Defined Contribution (DC) plan.  This money will come straight out of funds that would otherwise be used for students.
6. Reduce all teacher salaries by 3% by (completely unnecessarily) increasing the required payment to the TRS Medical Insurance Fund (MIF) by 3%.  (This is on top of the 3% increased payment added in the 2010 Shared Responsibility Bill, which already fully funds the needed payments for the MIF.  So this is essentially a new 3% tax, just for educators.)
7. Violate the “Inviolable Contract” by eventually by not honoring the inviolably protected 2.5% multiplier.
8. Violate the “Inviolable Contract” by eventually forcing all current teachers into DC plans.
9. Violate teachers’ constitutionally-protected property rights to the value of their currently earned unused sick days by not recognizing unused sick day payments for pension purposes after 2023.
10. Eliminate, after three years, the 3.0 multiplier for teachers who retire with more than 30 years of service.
11. Eliminate, after five years, retirement based a teacher’s high three years of service (instead of high five years of service) for teachers who retire at age 55 or later with at least 27 years of service.
So, while many details remain to be determined, it is clear that the proposed bill will include changes that will, overall, harm the retirement security of Kentucky’s dedicated educators, and we do not need all the details of the bill to know this plan will take Kentucky in the wrong direction.  It is virtually certain to entangle Kentucky in multiple expensive legal challenges which the Commonwealth is likely to lose, worsening the TRS funding dilemma.  It will make it harder to attract and keep the quality teachers our students deserve.  For these and many other reasons, every educator needs to call the legislative hotline and ask their elected officials to reject the plan outlined by the Governor.  Tell them to go back to the drawing board and start with a plan to fund the Unfunded Liability.
It you don’t like what’s in this plan, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!!!
Legislative Message Line
(800) 372-7181

Click HERE to watch JCTA President Brent McKim's interview on "Pure Politics".

» Announcing 2017-2018 Exemplary Student Scholarships


2017-2018 JCTA Martin Luther King Jr. Exemplary Student Scholarship



JCTA is offering Exemplary Student Scholarships to two Jefferson County Public School seniors.  The Jefferson County Teachers Association will honor these two JCPS seniors during its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dinner with a $1,000 scholarship for each recipient.  The dinner will take place during January 2018. (Details regarding the location and time will be provided to the winners in November.)  The scholarship winners are requested to attend the Memorial Dinner and will be provided two complimentary tickets for guests.
Scholarship Funds will be released upon receipt of class schedule with the official seal submitted by August 30, 2018.



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» Announcing 2017-2018 MLK Jr Diversity Arts Contest


JCTA’s Human & Civil Rights Committee’s Annual MLK, Jr. Diversity Arts Contest

2017-2018 Themes:

Elementary (K-3, 4-5, ECE):
“Be a bush if you can't be a tree. If you can't be a highway, just be a trail. If you can't be a sun, be a star. For it isn't by size that you win or fail. Be the best of whatever you are.” —from speech before a group of students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia, October 26, 1967

Middle School (6-8, ECE)/High School (9-12, ECE):
“… I am convinced that men hate each other because they fear each other. They fear each other because they don’t know each other, and they don’t know each other because they don’t communicate with each other, and they don’t communicate with each other because they are separated from each other.”—MLK, Jr speech at Cornell College on October 15, 1962

(Elementary: K-3, 4-5; Middle School: 6-8; High School: 9-12: ECE)
Writing----Visual Art----Drama




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» JCTA UniServ Vacancy Notice

Jefferson County Teachers Association

UniServ Director Vacancy Notice:

The Jefferson County Teachers Association is seeking applicants for a full-time UniServ Director to support all facets of JCTA's membership out of its JCTA Office in Louisville, KY.  JCTA members interested in the vacant UniServ Director position can log in to the MEMBERS-ONLY portion of the JCTA Website to view the posting.

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» Superintendent Screening Committee Candidates

Superintendent Screening Committee Candidates


Crystal G. Adams, Academy@Shawnee.

Beth Fuller, Carter Traditional Elementary.

Beverly Chester-Burton, Frost Sixth-Grade Academy: Our students today, will become future leaders of tomorrow.  I want to help our educators and other stakeholders by having a voice and addressing issues that will affect future outcomes of our district. If I am elected to the Superintendent Screening Committee, I will ensure that the process is fair.   

Brent McKim, JCTA: As your JCTA president, I advocate for teachers and engage directly with the superintendent.  I understand the leadership dispositions and capacities we need for JCPS to succeed.  I ask for your vote to serve on the superintendent screening committee so I can help select the best possible superintendent for JCPS.

Patty Wilson, Trunnell Elementary.

» LEAP Candidate Resumes

Local Evaluation Appeals Panel
LEAP Resumes


McKim, Jo—VanHoose Education Center—I am a high school English teacher, and I have served on the Educator Quality Oversight Committee (EQOC). Having served on EQOC, I have a strong foundational knowledge of the evaluation system and the importance of the LEAP process. I would be honored to serve as a teacher member of the Appeals Panel.

Stratton, Causandra – Maupin Elementary - I have served one term on the LEAP Committee. I have enjoyed serving on this very worthwhile committee. There were not many cases during my term, so I would love the opportunity to use the skills I have learned. I hope to be able to continue to serve on LEAP.

VanCleave, Sharon – Shelby Traditional Academy - My desire to serve on the Local Evaluation Appeal Panel (LEAP) for summative evaluation appeals comes from my experience and understanding of the rewards and challenges of being an educator. My vast experience as a SBDM Committee Member coupled with my knowledge in Instructional Leadership will serve as an asset.

Walker, Tyra – Roosevelt-Perry Elementary - I welcome the opportunity to serve on the LEAP Committee. I am very active in the JCTA, and serving on the LEAP would be another way for me to be involved in JCTA.


» JCPS Announces Employee Benefits/Health Fair


The JCPS Employee Benefits/Health Fair will be held from 8:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. on Monday, October 9th in the North Wing of the Kentucky Expo Center. Parking is free and flu shots will be available to those who bring their KEHP health insurance ID card. Employees are encouraged to stop by the Benefits Fair to learn about their benefit plans and the changes/enhancements for 2018. Computers and Benefits Counselors will be available to assist employees with their online open enrollment at the Fair.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Open Enrollment will be October 9th through October 20th. Health Insurance enrollment is mandatory for all full-time employees this year. Employees who do not complete their online enrollments on the State website in October will be assigned to the default health insurance plan effective January 1, 2018.

VOLUNTARY BENEFITS: Open Enrollment for voluntary benefits will be October 9th through October 20th There are no changes to the JCPS voluntary benefits for 2018. Any JCPS voluntary benefits will automatically roll over for 2018 unless changes are made on the Employee Self-Service website during open enrollment.

» Now Accepting 2017-2018 LEAP Nominations

Local Evaluation Appeal Panel Election

Nominations to serve on the Local Evaluation Appeal Panel (LEAP) for summative evaluation appeals are now being sought. JCTA/JCPS’s panel includes12 certified personnel (non-administrative), who must be elected to serve on the panel. This year, four teachers will be elected to serve three-year terms. Elected LEAP members will receive training. The appeals hearings will be held in the late spring and early summer. These positions are open to anyone in the JCTA bargaining unit. If you are interested in serving on the LEAP panel, please submit a brief nomination form, which can be found here: LEAP Nomination Form 2017

The deadline to submit your nomination form is Wednesday, September 6 at 5:00 p.m. The election will be open to all certified employees in our bargaining unit and will be conducted electronically through the JCTA website September 20-27. For more information, contact UniServ Director Elana Crane (elana.crane@jcta.org).

» Pension Benefits Inject $3.4 Billion into the Economies of Kentucky Counties

As the governor and General Assembly consider additional cuts to pension benefits for employees, it’s important to understand the role such benefits play in local economies. In 2016, public retirees of the Kentucky Employees’ Retirement System, State Police Retirement System, County Employees Retirement System and Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System received pensions totaling $3.4 billion.  That’s the economic equivalent of an entire industry — for comparison, the accommodations and food services industry in Kentucky generated $4.5 billion in earnings in 2015 while the construction industry generated $7 billion, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.


Read more about how pensions benefit communities in the article below:

Pension Benefits Inject $3.4 Billion into the Economies of Kentucky Counties


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